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Heating technology often plays a large role in your indoor comfort level and fuel bill during the cold months of the year.

For a Gas Furnace to work with a FIT or LIFE system it needs to be a Daikin Communicating Gas Furnace. They make a 80% version and a 96-97% version and both come with a Variable Speed Motor for slow ramping and very quiet operation. 

Communication is key because to get these extreme efficiencies and quiet operation out of the FIT and LIFE systems they not only get a command from the Daikin ONE thermostat, but they also send confirmations and data back to the thermostat and in between each component. This communication ensures that every part of the system is doing what it should, and you are getting the reliability and comfort that you are paying for. 

** There is a communication adapter that we can use in some A/C situations that allows us to install a FIT system with your existing gas furnace and we are happy to discuss those options on a case by case basis. However, there is no option for this with a FIT Heat Pump and a new Furnace or Air Handler is required. 

Daikin furnaces provide warm, money-saving comfort. With options such as modulating, variable and multispeed equipment, Daikin has an enhanced solution for any home design. The interior, tubular heat exchanger, the core of a Daikin furnace, is constructed of stainless steel and these state-of-the-art indoor systems can be easily paired with one of the Daikin FIT side discharge condensers.

furnace 96
furnace 80

Furnace efficiency is designated by an AFUE (Annual Fuel Utilization Efficiency) rating. This score is used to rate furnace efficiencies by dividing the ratio of heat output by heat input. This measurement describes how well fuel, gas or oil is consumed to produce heat by a furnace. As the AFUE rate increases, the efficiency of your furnace also increases, helping to lower your fuel costs. **Think of AFUE in a way that for every $1.00 worth of natural gas you buy you get either $.96 or $.80 worth of heat into your home.

Every Daikin gas furnace is engineered to earn a high AFUE rating.  But these furnaces not only do a great job of home heating during the cold months of the year, but the internal fan is also used to assist the air conditioning system in circulating cooled when the outdoor temperatures increase. A Daikin furnace with a two-stage or variable-speed fan allows your system to provide continuous airflow, which means consistent indoor comfort for you and your family.

What type of furnace do I currently have?

You can tell what AFUE rate your current furnace is by the type of exhaust pipe it currently has, if it is metal piping then it is 80% or lower and if has 2 or 3″ PVC pipes for exhaust then it is at least 90%.

Whether you choose a high efficiency 96% model or a standard 80% efficiency model, we always recommend using a 2 stage gas furnace. There is so much mild weather here in the NW that we often don’t need the full capacity of your furnace.

Running on a low stage heat is a great way of using less energy and keeping your furnace from cycling so much, creating more comfortable even temperatures.

Smart Systems Require Smart Controls

These Smart FIT and Life heat pumps and Air Conditioners require full communication between all components of the system. The only way to make this happen is with the Daikin One family of thermostats. 

Many Thermostats out there call themselves “smart” thermostats but they are only smart in the way You communicate with them (through wifi and an app). They are still “dumb” the way they talk with your system. 

The Daikin One thermostats communicate fully to and from each component of your system allowing them to run so efficiently and quietly! They monitor your air quality and make adjustments to fan speed and compressor speed based on all data from your home.

And of course they have wifi and app control as well 🙂

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We want to make sure that you can always keep your home comfortable and get the system that you want WITHOUT breaking the bank!

Click the link to see what low monthly payment options are available. It is always a “soft pull” until you finalize the agreement.

No Worries Guarantee!

No Risk Guarantee – When we provide you with new HVAC  equipment – it comes with a 12 year parts warranty from Daikin (10 years for Goodman). But we guarantee that your system will run flawlessly. So we will cover all labor as well for up to 2 years!!! There’s No Risk that you will have to spend anything beyond maintenance costs for at least 2 YEARS!!

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