Daikin Inverter Air Conditioners

Daikin FIT Inverter Air Conditioners

The Daikin FIT system is our most popular system by far because it is small, almost silent and very efficient! Whether it is the FIT Air Conditioner paired with a communicating Gas Furnace or a Cold Climate FIT Heat Pump paired with either a Gas Furnace (Dual Fuel) or Air Handler (All Electric). These systems are the favorite choice for our clients because after including the various rebates, incentives and tax credits available they come in very close to a standard system’s installation price. PLUS then you get the utility savings from the efficiency for years to come as a bonus! Give us a call and we can show you how these FIT systems will FIT your goals and exceed your expectations!!

Why Choose a Daikin Air Conditioner with Inverter Technology?

Efficiency – The Reliable and Efficient Choice for Keeping Your Home Cool. A Daikin inverter air conditioner uses advanced adaptive technology and high-quality components to ensure that your home remains cool, no matter how hot it gets outside. With up to 17.5 SEER2 Rating you are using way less energy to get your home comfortable.

Sound – These units are almost silent, rating between 45 and 56 decibels. You hear almost no mechanical noise, just the air blowing through the unit,”it sounds like a box fan.” So it’s never an annoyance to install near a bedroom window or near your outdoor entertaining space!

Size – Not only are these units way smaller than a standard “cube” style unit. They can be installed 3″ away from your home, instead of 10″ away for a standard unit.

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Experience the benefits of a Daikin air conditioner:

  • Control from Anywhere:When connected to the Daikin One Eco-system, you have intuitive control ofyour Daikin air conditioner.With the Daikin One app, you can easily adjust the temperatureto your ideal level of personal comfort.
  • Energy Efficient:Daikin air conditioners with inverter technology are designed for maximum energy efficiency, allowing you to lower your energy bills without sacrificing comfort.
  • Inverter Technology: Daikin uses inverter technology to deliverquiet comfortto your living space. In fact, it’s up to 5X quieter than non-inverter air conditioners. This revolutionary technology works by constantly adjusting the operating speed of your AC, allowing it to operate quietly while still delivering maximum cooling power.

Daikin air conditioners are an excellent choice for when you want to stay cool, save energy, and keep utility bills low! With advanced technology and energy-saving features at an affordable price, Daikin air conditioners make it easy to keep your home comfortable when the outdoors heat up. So, when you’re looking for a reliable and cost-effective way to keep your home at the ideal temperature, Daikin inverter air conditioners are a perfect choice!

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Smart Systems Require Smart Controls

These Smart FIT and Life heat pumps and Air Conditioners require full communication between all components of the system. The only way to make this happen is with the Daikin One family of thermostats. 

Many Thermostats out there call themselves “smart” thermostats but they are only smart in the way You communicate with them (through wifi and an app). They are still “dumb” the way they talk with your system. 

The Daikin One thermostats communicate fully to and from each component of your system allowing them to run so efficiently and quietly! They monitor your air quality and make adjustments to fan speed and compressor speed based on all data from your home.

And of course they have wifi and app control as well 🙂

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No Worries Guarantee!

No Risk Guarantee – When we provide you with new HVAC  equipment – it comes with a 12 year parts warranty from Daikin (10 years for Goodman). But we guarantee that your system will run flawlessly. So we will cover all labor as well for up to 2 years!!! There’s No Risk that you will have to spend anything beyond maintenance costs for at least 2 YEARS!!

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