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Heat Pump Repair

Homeowners and businesses find security in the warmth their heat pumps provide. But, what happens when the trusty system falters, leaving you in the cold? Enter O’Leary Air, your seasoned ally in the pursuit of uninterrupted comfort. We understand the urgency when it comes to heat pump repair in Hillsboro, OR, and since our establishment in 2015, we’ve been diligently serving the community with fast, friendly service, integrity, honesty, and unbeatable prices. 

From the moment you reach out to us we are working to get your system back up and running properly! We start by gathering helpful information during the initial call, and scheduling for the very next time available.

Then we send out highly trained technicians in fully stocked service vans intent on getting the job done as efficiently and conveniently as possible.  9 out of 10 times we can get the system up and running during the initial visit. 

We use a printed pricing menu so you can see how much the repair will cost before we start the work. Allowing you to make educated decisions on whether it makes sense to go ahead with the repair or look at replacing the equipment if it is beyond the life expectancy and the fix is more than a simple repair.

When the work is complete we will go over the repair with you and show you that the system is working properly. 

And finally we will have you electronically sign the invoice and at that time you can pay any way you like with credit/debit, electronic check, paper check or cash. AND if you sign up for the Ultimate Service Agreement (USA) while we are on-site, we will apply the discounted repair rate on your initial repair!!

We strive to make the repair process as seamless, convenient and affordable from start to finish!

With the ups and downs of Oregon’s weather, the demand for a dependable and effective heating and cooling system becomes crucial for residents and businesses alike. O’Leary Air, a trusted name in the industry, emerges as the solution to your Heat Pump maintenance in Hillsboro, OR and all nearby nearby cities and towns. With O’Leary Air “You’re in Luck.”

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Unmasking the Mysteries: What Causes Heat Pump Breakdowns

The journey of unveiling the mysteries behind heat pump breakdowns is crucial for informed decision-making. Several factors contribute to these disruptions, requiring a discerning eye to identify and address the root causes: 

  • Refrigerant Issues: Insufficient or leaking refrigerant levels hinder the heat exchange process. Old outdated refrigerants are extremely expensive now and finding and fixing a leak can be a very long – difficult process. We’ll discuss all of your options with you so you aren’t throwing your hard earned money into a system that might not last much longer.
  • Electrical Malfunctions: Faulty wiring, tripped breakers, or malfunctioning components disrupt the electrical system. 
  • Component Wear and Tear: Over time, essential parts like capacitors, coils, or compressors can deteriorate, impacting overall performance. 
  • Thermostat Irregularities: Inaccurate temperature readings or thermostat malfunctions affect the system’s ability to regulate indoor comfort. Also if you have a thermostat that doesn’t have an outdoor air sensor, you will need to put the system in AUX heat any time it is below 35F outside. Standard heat pumps can’t run in colder temps and will need to use the very expensive back-up heat in freezing temps. With a new High Efficiency FIT heat pump you can run your heat pump all the way down to 5F. Check out our Fit Heat Pump Page for more info!
  • Airflow Restrictions: Blocked ducts, filters, or outdoor units impede proper airflow, straining the heat pump’s efficiency. Especially in heat pumps; A plugged filter will cause the system to lock out with a pressure safety, it is crucial to keep filters clean and keep up on maintenance. Check out our USA Plan!

We aim to fix any issue that arises quickly and as painlessly as possible!

But in the off chance that your system is beyond repair due to age or a part that is no longer supported / available. We will quickly provide options for replacement to get you back up and running ASAP! We know these will be unexpected costs so we provide low monthly payment financing options on every job.

Click the link for a “soft pull” credit approval.

Expert Insights to Help You Decide Between Repair or Replace

Deciding between repair and replacement is a crucial choice as you face a malfunctioning heat pump. At O’Leary Air, our expert insights guide you through this decision-making process with the following considerations: 

  • Age of the System: Evaluate the age of your heat pump. If it’s near the end of its lifespan, investing in a new, more efficient model may be a cost-effective long-term solution. 
  • Efficiency and Performance: Assess the current efficiency and performance of your heat pump. If it struggles to meet your heating needs or exhibits a decline in performance, a replacement could lead to improved energy efficiency. 
  • Repair Costs: Compare the cost of repairs to the potential benefits of a new system. If repair expenses are significant and frequent, investing in a new heat pump may be a more economical choice over time. 
  • Technological Advances: Consider advancements in HVAC technology. Upgrading to a newer model may offer enhanced features, improved energy efficiency, and better overall performance. 

Make the right choice for your comfort. Consult O’Leary Air’s experts for personalized insights on repair or replacement!

Exclusive Offer: 5% Off for Baby Boomers and Heroes (Seniors and Veterans) on Top-notch Heat Pump Repairs

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As a token of our appreciation for the service and sacrifices made by seniors and veterans in our community, We are proud to offer an exclusive discount. Seniors and veterans can enjoy a 5% discount on our top-notch heat pump repair services. This special offer is our way of giving back to those who have given so much.

Operation Rescue - The Step-by-Step Heat Pump Repair Process

When you face a heat pump crisis, Our meticulous and proven repair process swings into action. Our certified experts follow a systematic approach to ensure swift and effective solutions: 

  • Thorough Diagnosis: We commence with a comprehensive assessment, identifying the specific issues impacting your heat pump’s performance. 
  • Precision Solutions: Armed with the diagnosis, our experts implement precise solutions, targeting the root causes with efficiency and skill. 
  • Communication Clarity: We prioritize transparent communication, keeping you informed on progress and any recommended steps throughout the entire process for clarity and trust. 
  • Quality Assurance: Rigorous testing follows the repair, ensuring that your heat pump operates at peak performance. 
  • Educational Insights: As a part of our service, we provide insights into maintenance practices, empowering you to keep your heat pump in optimal condition. 

Ready to experience a hassle-free heat pump repair process in Hillsboro, OR? Reach out to O’Leary Air now for prompt and professional service. 

Trusted Hands, Proven Results - O'Leary Air's Certified Experts Tackle Heat Pump Woes

At O’Leary Air, our commitment to excellence extends beyond technical prowess. Our certified experts bring a wealth of knowledge and experience to every heat pump repair in Hillsboro, OR. With integrity, honesty, and unbeatable prices, we’ve earned a 5-star Google rating, showcasing our dedication to customer satisfaction. Choose us for heat pump repair, and entrust your comfort to the hands of true professionals. 

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No Worries Guarantee!

No Risk Guarantee – When we provide you with new HVAC  equipment – it comes with a 12 year parts warranty from Daikin (10 years for Goodman). But we guarantee that your system will run flawlessly. So we will cover all labor as well for up to 2 years!!! There’s No Risk that you will have to spend anything beyond maintenance costs for at least 2 YEARS!! 

With O'Leary Air - "You're in Luck!"

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